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DECEMBER 10 - 19, 2017



It wasn't until 2013 that Jesus brought him to healing and lasting freedom through being counseled and mentored by Dr. Ted Roberts of Pure Desire, utilizing a Biblical and clinical approach to sexual addiction recovery. 

Ben worked with the campus ministry of Cru for several years, serving as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator for Cru’s sexual addiction recovery groups, helping staff and students find true healing and freedom. 

He currently resides in Dallas, Texas and serves with Josh McDowell Ministry as an author and speaker, supporting the health and restoration of men and women struggling with porn and sexual brokenness.

Josh McDowell Ministry


For over 10 years of his life, Ben battled a porn addiction and other forms of habitual sexual sin.



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He co-authored Living Free with Dr. Ted Roberts of Pure Desire which is a year long porn addiction recovery curriculum for college age men.

Another work he co-authored is Flesh, a 12 week online journey (available at which helps men understand the battle of sexual sin and it’s underlying contributing factors.

He is in the process of launching a new Cru ministry initiative with Christian apologist, author, and speaker Josh McDowell. This new ministry will serve the global church by equipping ministries, churches, and organizations to help individuals find true freedom from porn use and sexual brokenness as they encounter Jesus, healthy communities, and recovery solutions.

Ben is an author and speaker who is passionate about helping young men and women understand how to experience healing and freedom from porn use, sexual brokenness, and habitual sin.

Speaker at Josh McDowell Ministry



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