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DECEMBER 10 - 19, 2017



With my wife Stacey, our focus through the ministry of Awaken is on two main areas: providing recovery solutions and guidance for men, women, and couples affected by pornography and sexual addiction; and equipping churches to more effectively shepherd their people through areas related to sexual brokenness.

One of Awaken’s key goals is to provide help for sexually broken people while also working toward prevention solutions for the next generation.



Greg is the founder and Executive Director of Awaken, a gospel-based sex addiction recovery ministry.



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And there are millions more just like me sitting in churches every week, secretly dying. They wish there was someone they could tell, but the fear of being exposed keeps them in isolation. They continue to make attempt after attempt to change on their own, to no avail. 

I believe sexual sin, brokenness, addiction – or whatever other label given – may be the single most effective weapon our enemy uses against Christ’s church today.

Men and women are settling for far less than the lives God created them to live, because they believe their failures have put them on the bench…permanently. The gospel tells us this isn’t true. So for the sexually broken, our main problem isn’t our behavior…it’s what we’re believing – about God, about ourselves, and about our circumstances.

Awaken exists to help sexually broken men and women understand that they are not alone, they are not outcasts, freaks, or deviants, and that they are not beyond restoration.

We offer recovery groups (both locally in Birmingham, Alabama and virtually), therapeutic recovery intensives for addicts and for their spouses, personal coaching, assistance in locating qualified therapists, and other resources for people in need of recovery. But we also believe that in order to help everyone understand how the gospel provides hope for people who struggle sexually, we need more than ministries like Awaken to engage with the Body of Christ.

We must help our churches’ leaders become better informed and equipped to graciously shepherd people whose sexual choices have created trauma and chaos. 

Everything Stacey and I know about addiction and recovery, we’ve learned from others; so we believe others can learn it as well as the Church moves toward the goal of bringing a clear message of grace and restoration to Christians who are enslaved to sexual sin and addiction.

In addition to the recovery solutions we provide for individuals and couples, Awaken also works closely with church/ministry leaders through speaking, training, consultation, and long-term ministry partnerships.

I am a believer in Jesus Christ and former worship pastor, as well as a man recovering from sexual addiction.

Executive Director of Awaken



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