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DECEMBER 10 - 19, 2017



His adventurous heart was pursued and captivated by Jesus as far back as memory serves. His passion to see Jesus bring life to all was bolstered in his master’s degree thesis work on how pornography negatively affects the church.

His 13 year journey with a porn addiction crushed his passion and compelled him to seek true freedom, which was found through Christian sexual addiction recovery.

After graduating with a masters in Bible and Theology he served with Cru in California speaking, discipling, and spearheading sexual integrity ministry strategies in the Pacific Southwest Region.

He has recently launched a new Cru ministry with Christian apologist, author, and speaker Josh McDowell in Dallas, Texas. This new ministry serves the global church by equipping ministries, churches, and organizations to help individuals meet Christ and find freedom from pornography use and sexual brokenness as they encounter Jesus and healthy communities.

He loves Crossfit, buffalo, and a good home grown steak.

Josh McDowell Ministry


Jacob was raised where the buffalo still do roam, on his family’s 3000 acre angus cattle ranch in Wyoming.



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Each of us were made for Eden, to live in perfect relationship and enjoy shalom with ourselves, each other, and God. The shattering of that shalom is offered to all at birth as a rite of passage into a world that is disfigured by disconnection, sin, and trauma. Restoration of shalom is needed and desired by all.

I am a storyteller that creatively braids together my story, science, and scripture. Through sharing my personal story of freedom, I help connect people to resources that help them move into the restoration of shalom to find deep, lasting healing, and freedom.

True freedom and restoration is found in the context of safe people with a safe process.

I believe that humanity was designed by God “in community for community”.

Speaker & Storyteller at Josh McDowell Ministry



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