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DECEMBER 10 - 19, 2017



Proven Men Ministries


After breaking free from his own 20-year addiction, Joel developed the “Proven Path for Sexual Integrity” and a biblically based 12-week daily study. His mission is to equip the church and leaders with the goal of helping 1 million people gain and retain sexual integrity.

Joel Hesch is an author, attorney, and founder of Proven Men Ministries (



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Breaking free requires more than self-will. The good news is that there is a Proven Path that leads to victory. 

We’ve developed a 12-week daily workbook Study that not only moves men away from sexual sin, but closer to the Lord. It teaches people how to incorporate six key principles into their lives, while also engaging with an accountability partner for encouragement and support. 

In addition, we created a “Proven Portal” on our website as a one-stop-shop for purity tools to equip the Church regarding sexual integrity. Not only do churches get access to special training videos and tools to the Proven Men™ curriculum, but we have brought together the best resources from the Internet regarding sexual integrity in one place for leaders all over North America. 

This next generation portal allows lay-leaders in your church to guide, disciple, and mentor the men of your congregation towards greater sexual integrity. Let’s face it. Every man is in the process of either gaining or retaining sexual integrity. It’s time the church equips men in this battle. The Proven Portal includes discounted curriculum, videos, technology resources, blogs, and podcasts.

Most struggle with sexual integrity, whether it is porn, masturbation or fantasy.

President of Proven Men Ministries, Ltd.



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