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DECEMBER 10 - 19, 2017



Time &Tide Productions


From his early days at NBC to his five award-winning films, Justin's ability to take big topics and make them palatable, coupled with his revealing interview skills, have affected thousands upon thousands of lives. 

His movies have won over 30 film festivals around the globe, earned him an invitation to speak at Australian Parliament and brought him the honor of the Arizona Republic naming him 'One of the Ten People Who Most Impact Their Community'. 

He now lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado where he continues his filmmaking, writes for television and recently began hosting a weekly podcast.

Justin is an critically-acclaimed filmmaker who, for the past 20+ years, has been telling stories that have a deep impact.



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Yes, we have to deal with some nasty elements in our lives, but we should never put ourselves, or others, past the point of redemption. 

I try to not only tell an objective story that is both entertaining and informative, but I also want to leave the viewer with two things: one, something NEEDS to be done, and, two, I can be a part of doing it!

What I try to do with the films, especially, is shine a light into dark places and give people some hope.

Owner of Time &Tide Productions, Inc.



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