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DECEMBER 10 - 19, 2017



For two decades, I've researched industry best-practices for helping couples rebuild trust and live bigger lives. I've been there--I've cried the tears and had the doubts--but I found a way out. Now I help others find the same with tailor-made solutions.

His Porn. Your Pain.


Lori is the founder of His Porn. Your Pain. Healed, a mentoring solution to help partners and couples heal.



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Why does Lori mentor women and couples? “I became a mentor for three specific reasons. 

First, because sexual betrayal was so incredibly painful it almost destroyed me. 

Second, because of some of the guidance I received led to years of marital agony. 

And third, because I want something more for women and relationships than that—and now I know how to help them get there.” 

But all this started before she met Jay, when she asked God what her purpose in life was. “I felt His answer clearly, ‘Your purpose in life is to have a great marriage and to help others do the same.’”

But back then she didn’t know how to have a great marriage; in fact, for many years the opposite was true, and her marriage came close to ending on several occasions. 

She says, “Our healing years were rough! But with God’s guidance we got through it. We healed the wounds, we grew individually, and we strengthened our relationship, all without splitting up.” 

She feels God has turned her mourning into dancing, not just because she can trust her husband again, but because now they’re helping others have the same thing.

I am a trauma-trained, BraveHearts Certified Mentor with a focus on partners and couples.

Founder of His Porn. Your Pain. Healed.



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