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DECEMBER 10 - 19, 2017



Recovered Man


Pornfree Radio ranks in the top 100 of iTunes in Self Help with over 30,000 downloads each month.

Like many guys, my wife caught me downloading pornography. My back was against the wall. But my wife was gracious. She told me that she knew this wasn’t about her, but I needed to get help.

I joined a support group and my journey to being porn free began. Even though I wasn’t perfect in those early years I started making real progress. The growth came when I started a group of my own to help others who were struggling.

There is nothing more motivating to recovery than helping others find their way out. I have been 100% porn free since January 2011. For years, I could not go more that a few weeks without masturbation and porn. But now I count my porn free days in years not weeks. You too can get free.

Matt Dobschuetz a podcaster and coach from Chicago. He hosts, Pornfree Radio a podcast for motivated guys who want to quit watching porn.



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1. Get connected with Recovered Man Coaching with Matt Dobschuetz. Join a group of like-minded men on the journey or work with me as your personal coach. In coaching, we discover your true motivation for recovery. We identify the threats and emotional triggers that keep you coming back to porn. We build the healthy habits and tools you need to live porn free.

2. Your Recovery Plan is your playbook for life. In my 5-day video course, Your Porn Free Playbook, I walk you through the same planning process I use with all my paid coaching clients. This course is taught with a bias towards action. You will be executing. And I show you step-by-step how to create a powerful recovery plan that will get you the results you want.

There are two essential elements to get free from pornography: Connection with others and a strong recovery plan. I help men build both.

Coach and Podcaster at Recovered Man



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