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DECEMBER 10 - 19, 2017



Restoring the Soul


A sought-after speaker and teacher for Christian organizations around the world, Michael has personally experienced the restoring touch of God and has a passion to connect life’s broken realities with the reality of the gospel. 

Michael is He holds an MA in Biblical Counseling from Colorado Christian University and an MA in Counseling Psychology from the University of Denver. 

Michael lives with his wife Julianne in Littleton, Colorado where together they live out a restored marriage and redeemed relationship, leading others on a journey of healing, freedom, hope, and restoration.

Michael is a licensed professional counselor, speaker, spiritual director, and author of Surfing for God: Discovering the Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle.



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Many of our clients seek out our Intensive Counseling Process after extensive previous counseling which has never addressed the root of their problem. 

Because each of our licensed therapists are clinically grounded in the latest research and treatment for addictions, marital counseling, attachment, and trauma (including EMDR), we quickly identify root causes and develop a customized path the healing and restoration.

Many of our clients related to a life of "sin" or "symptom" management. Their best attempts at freedom have left them feeling inadequate, defeated, exhausted and even hopeless. Our Intensive Counseling Process™ is based on the foundation that lasting change happens over time and from the inside out.

At Restoring the Soul our intensive counseling programs integrate trauma informed counseling, spiritual formation, inner healing, and spiritual warfare where we often see life-changing breakthrough that lasts.


You know how some people go to counseling or marital therapy month after month and never really get anywhere? Our Intensive Counseling Process in Colorado allows you to finally experience deep change as you meet in half day sessions over two weeks.

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