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He then switched careers, building a successful engineering business and remaining active in church life, while his addictive behavior continued.

In 1998 Nate and Allie moved to Franklin, Tennessee. Here, after years of praying, fasting, pleading and repenting in private, Nate finally found help for his sex addiction—in the form of authentic friendship and the safety of a 12-step recovery group.

In recovery, Nate began to see life differently. His circle of friends steadily expanded and eventually included a large group of men with diverse weaknesses—addicts and potential addicts of every description, united by a common faith and a need for true companionship. Most of these men had not found deep and honest relationships in their churches. Why, they asked each other, did a guy have to end up in a 12-step group to talk honestly with other men?

So in 2004, several of these friends formed a mutual aid society for Christian men called the Samson Society. Nate, who drafted the Society’s charter and designed its first meeting format, has written a book about his experiences entitled Samson and the Pirate Monks: Calling Men to Authentic Brotherhood, which was published by Thomas Nelson in February 2007.

He is also the author, with Darrell Waltrip, of Sundays Will Never Be the Same, published by Simon & Schuster in 2012. Nate is featured on the I Am Second website and appears in several documentaries. He is a popular speaker at conferences, colleges and retreats, and is the host of the weekly Pirate Monk Podcast.

Samson Society


The oldest son of a Pentecostal preacher, Nate Larkin graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1982 and spent five years as a pastor before resigning in despair over his inability to conquer compulsive sexual sin.



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Samson is not exclusively for sex addicts, but sex addicts are welcome, and Nate’s well-publicized story of sex addiction recovery has made the group a safe place for men whose primary struggle is sexual.

In weekly meetings of the Society, men who have lived in the shadows step into the light and find brothers who will walk with them toward freedom. Samson facilitates honest conversations.

It operates under the principle that on any given day, every man needs help and every man has some help to give. Each member is encouraged to find a Silas, a “trustworthy companion for this stretch of the road,” and to speak with his Silas every day.

Together with his Silas and others, each members follows the Path, the same process of confession, repentance, and healing that is described in the Twelve Steps. More than 450 local Samson Society groups have started in the United States and other countries.

A new website at supports virtual meetings, and the Samson Society app allows members to interact and form helping relationships with men they’ve met in meetings.

Nate is a founder of the Samson Society, a mutual aid society for Christian men.

Founder of Samson Society



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