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DECEMBER 10 - 19, 2017



Pure Desire Ministries


Nick earned a bachelor’s degree in pastoral ministry from Crown College and a Master of Divinity from Bethel University. 

Nick and his wife, Michelle, have helped many men and women in the church find restoration from brokenness. 

Nick wrote the book, Setting Us Free, to help others find help, hope, and healing. He also recently authored the book, Safe, which provides practical steps and tools needed to revive a passion for grace in the body of Christ.

Nick is the Executive Director of Pure Desire Ministries and former Lead Pastor at East Hills Alliance Church.



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We provide a holistic, comprehensive game plan for both churches and individuals. 

Our aim is to come alongside churches and equip them to establish a healing ministry for men and women in their congregation. 

We provide effective group resources for both the one who is struggling with sexual compulsive behavior (male or female) and the spouse who has been wounded by the behavior. 

We also offer the two-day Pure Desire University, which is a training conference that helps the church understand the true nature of sexual addiction and proven strategies for change. 

For individuals, our counseling process is focused on working with the couple in healing. We work with couples as couples, as each clinician is joined by a co-clinician. In this way, both husband and wife have an advocate in the room. 

Addiction is a family systems problem, so the marriage must be healed for lasting change to occur. We believe that men and women can be fully and finally free, not by trying harder through behavior modification, but by changing the way they do life. Our approach to change involves the head (brain), the hands (behavior), and the heart (relationships).

Pure Desire Ministries is a biblically-based and clinically-informed approach to healing.

Executive Director of Pure Desire Ministries



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