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DECEMBER 10 - 19, 2017



Undone Redone


After 6 years of divorce, God brought about a miraculous restoration and he reconciled and remarried his ex-wife Melody. Discovering that true healing is found on the other side of pain, Tray has a passion to help men experience God’s grace in brokenness and to learn to connect deeply with others in authentic community.

Recognized as an expert in the areas of sexual addiction, pornography, and Christ-centered recovery, Tray regularly shares his reconciliation story in churches, on college campuses, and conferences.

Through his non-profit ministry, Undone Redone, he provides life and marriage coaching, recovery intensives, marriage conferences, digital safety seminars, and assists churches in creating healing communities. 

The Lovvorn’s reconciliation story was featured in the 2017 movie The Heart of Man, a movie focusing on the impact of sexual brokenness in our culture.

Tray had been married for 11 years when his secret struggle with pornography and sexual sin ripped his family apart.



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My own healing journey required an essential shift…from seeing God as a spectator, grading my performance to seeing Him accurately as a Father who loves me as I am and not as I should be.

Once I understood that His love for me had nothing to do with my outward behavior, it freed me to step out of my own denial about my sexual sin and to do the much-needed work of facing the truth that I was needy and desperate for a Savior.

I love helping men begin to feel the full-range of their emotions so that they can discover their own hearts….their passions and desires…so that they can begin to step into the big story that is being written for them.

I help men understand that their sexual sin, however it manifests itself, is a symptom of a deeper problem that has to do with shame and false core beliefs. I walk with men as they courageously go into and through their pain in order to discover true, lasting change in their lives.

I define recovery as God lovingly introducing us to ourselves.

Executive Director of Undone Redone



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