DECEMBER 10 - 19, 2017

Join Michael Leahy &40+ of the world’s leading experts as they share how to break free from habitual sexual sin. You'll learn best practices in the areas of recovery strategies and resources for both strugglers and their spouses.



BraveHearts Presents





Is your spouse suffering in silence over your struggle? The Summit will bring spouses the support and encouragement they deserve.

Follow along with 40+ strugglers &their spouses as they share how they transformed their addiction into a redemptive life.

If you're sick &tired of being sick &tired, then the Summit will literally give you the tools you need to succeed in recovery.


10 days.  10 topics.  40+ speakers.


How to conquer denial and delusion.

DAY 2:

Breaking Free from Blindness

How to find your pathway to lasting freedom.

DAY 1:

Breaking Free from Hopelessness

How to be honest and truly accountable.

DAY 4:

Breaking Free from Secrets &Lies

How to get the help and support you need.

DAY 3:

Breaking Free from Isolation

How to find freedom from relational trauma.

DAY 6:

Breaking Free from Betrayal

How to regain control through daily disciplines.

DAY 5:

Breaking Free from Uncertainty

How to stop the legacy of generational sin.

DAY 8:

Breaking Free from 
Past Abuse

How to starve the cycle of habitual sin.

DAY 7:

Breaking Free from 
Guilt &Shame

How to turn your pain into passion &purpose.

DAY 10:

Breaking Free from a Lukewarm Life

DAY 9:

Breaking Free from Unforgiveness

How to rebuild trust and learn to forgive.

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Experts, former strugglers & spouses

Nate Larkin
Nate Larkin is a founder of the Samson Society, a mutual aid society for Christian men, and an author.
Dr. Barbara Steffens
Dr. Barbara Steffens specializes in helping women recover from sexual betrayal and is a sought after speaker.
Dr. Mark &Debbie Laaser
The Laasers provide one-on-one counseling for men struggling with sexual purity issues, their betrayed spouses, and couples.
Steve Arterburn
Steve Arterburn is the founder of New Life Ministries and host of Christian counseling talk show ‘New Life Live!'
Marnie Ferree
Marnie C. Ferree is the founder of Bethesda Workshops and has a national reputation as a leader in the field of sexual addiction.
Nick Stumbo

Nick is the Executive Director of Pure Desire Ministries and former Lead Pastor at East Hills Alliance Church.

Dr. Ted Roberts
Dr. Ted is the founder of Pure Desire Ministries. He is a Certified Sex Addiction and Multiple Addictions Professional.

Dr. Doug Weiss
Dr. Douglas Weiss is an author, speaker, licensed psychologist, and marriage counselor who specializes in sexual issues.
Vicki Tiede
Vicki Tiede is an inspiring Bible teacher, conference speaker, and author. Her passion is to open the Scriptures with women in order to share God’s grace.
Dr. Bill Struthers
Dr. Struthers is a neuroscientist and Professor of psychology at Wheaton College. Dr. Struthers is also the author of Wired for Intimacy.
Marsha Means
Marsha Means, MA, writes and speaks on the topic of sexual addiction. She is the author of Journey to Healing &Joy: A Workbook for Partners of Sexual Addicts.
Dr. Neil T. Anderson

Dr. Anderson, founder of Freedom in Christ Ministries, helps Christians overcome their past and their addictive behaviors. He has authored 70+ books, including Winning the Battle Within.

Jessica Harris
Jessica Harris is a former porn addict, blogger, author, and international speaker. She shares her story and provides resources for women through her website, Beggar's Daughter.
T.C. Ryan
T. C. Ryan was founding and senior pastor of a large church. He resigned in order to concentrate more fully on his ongoing recovery from a lifelong sexual addiction.
Justin Hunt

Justin is an critically-acclaimed filmmaker who, for the past 20+ years, has been telling stories that have a deep impact.

Jayson Graves
Rev. Jayson Graves is an ordained minister and Christian counselor &coach specializing in sexual integrity recovery and unwanted attractions.
Bernie Anderson
Bernie Anderson is a pastor and coach for men and women as well as couples working through the impact of pornography and sexual addiction.
Traylor Lovvorn
Traylor Lovvorn is dedicated to restoring individuals and married couples who have been hurt by sexual addiction, sexual trauma, and unfaithfulness.
Melody Lovvorn

Melody Lovvorn is dedicated to restoring individuals and married couples who have been hurt by sexual addiction, sexual trauma, and unfaithfulness.

Matt Dobschuetz
Matt coaches men who are motivated to quit looking at porn. His podcast, Pornfree Radio, is typically in the top 100 of self-help podcasts on iTunes.
Maurita Corcoran
Maurita Corcoran helps women who struggle and is the author of “A House Interrupted: A Wife’s Story Of Healing From Her Husband’s Sex Addiction".
Jonathan Daugherty
Jonathan is the founder and president of Be Broken Ministries, and founder of the Gateway to Freedom workshop for men. He also hosts Pure Sex Radio.
Michael John Cusick

Michael John Cusick is the founder of Restoring the Soul and a counselor who experienced the restoring touch of God in a deeply broken life and marriage.

Crystal Renaud
Crystal Renaud is the Founder and Executive Director of Dirty Girls Ministries (DGM) as well as an author, speaker, and professional life coach.
Melissa Haas
Melissa Haas currently serves as the spouse-supporting therapist for HopeQuest Ministry Group. She’s also a counselor at First Baptist Woodstock.
Troy Haas
Troy Haas, MDiv, currently serves as the Executive Director of the HopeQuest Ministry Group and has almost 30 years of ministry experience.
Alex Lerza
Alex Lerza is Co-Founder and CEO of R|TRIBE, an innovative online counseling platform that smart matches clients to counselors and coaches.

Sam Black
Sam Black is the author of “The Porn Circuit, Understand Your Brain“ and a Vice President of Business Development at Covenant Eyes.
Ben Bennett
Ben is an author and speaker who helps young men and women understand how to experience healing and freedom from porn &sexual brokenness.
Brett Hendrix
Brett Hendrix is a licensed minister, speaker, Board Certified Pastoral Counselor (BCPC), President and founder of Changing Lanes Ministries.
Stacey Oliver
Stacey works with her husband, Greg, in their ministry called Awaken. She provides recovery solutions for women dealing with sexual addiction.

Greg Oliver
Greg is the founder and Executive Director of Awaken, providing recovery solutions for men, women, and couples affected by sexual addiction.

Lori Pyatt
Lori Pyatt is a BraveHearts Certified Mentor and the founder of His Porn. Your Pain. Healed., a mentoring solution to help partners and couples heal.

Jay Pyatt
Jay Pyatt is a BraveHearts Certified Mentor with a focus on guiding men through the recovery process. He works with his wife mentoring couples.
Joel Hesch
Joel Hesch is an author, attorney, professor, and leader in his local church. Joel is the founder of Proven Men, a weekly guided study.

Jacob Kissack

Jacob Kissack &Ben Bennett recently launched a new Cru ministry with Christian apologist, author, and speaker Josh McDowell in Dallas, Texas.

Kevin Gammon
Kevin Gammon is a Certified BraveHearts Mentor and founder of Flying High Ministries. Kevin mentors men to freedom from habitual sexual sin.

Nate Danser
Nate Danser is the Director of Ministry Outreach for Pure Life Ministries. Pure Life helps Christian men and women find freedom from sexual addiction.
Jeromy Darling
Jeromy Darling is a singer/songwriter, actor, speaker, mixed martial artist and advocate against sexual exploitation in all its forms.

Michael Leahy
Michael is the founder and CEO of BraveHearts, a mentoring-centric ministry that’s helping men find freedom from habitual sexual sin.

Chris McKenna
Chris is the Covenant Eyes Educational Resource Manager. He started to educate parents and teens on the latest gadgets & apps.

J "Lynn"Fox
Lynn Fox is a BraveHearts Certified Mentor. His mentoring utilizes a 1-1 discipleship model to address behavioral and spiritual challenges.

Joann Pilcher
Joann is co-founder of Unashamed by Grace. She is a Certified BraveHearts Mentor helping spouses overcome trauma from their partner's sexual addiction.

Bryan Pilcher
Bryan Pilcher is the founder of Unashamed By Grace. Bryan mentors men one-on-one and he is certified by the American Association of Christian Counselors.

It's free. Watch from home. Serious value.


It's free. Watch from home. Serious value.

It's free. Watch from home. Serious value.

No hotel stays, no rental car, no conference fees! The Breaking Free Summit removes all financial risks &provides a ton of resources.


Hear from experts from across the U.S. from the comfort of your own home or office. You just need access to a computer. 


You can attend this online event absolutely free of charge. But to get all of the amazing content you'll need to register.


When does the Summit start?


The Breaking Free Virtual Summit will start on Sunday, December 10th. You'll receive and email on Dec. 10th at 9:00 a.m. EDT with a link to the Summit.

The Breaking Free Virtual Summit is for men and women who struggle with sexual brokenness including; pornography and sexual addiction, sexual abuse and trauma, and sexual sin. The Summit is also for spouses and loved ones of strugglers, church and ministry leaders, counselors, and parents.

Each day of the Summit (Dec. 10-19, 2017), that day's content will become available in the Summit courses on BraveHearts University. Free pass holders will have access to that day's content for up to 48 hours before its locked away inside the VIP vault for All-Access Pass holders. You can buy your All-Access Pass here.

There are 3 key benefits:

  1. Lifetime access to all of the Summit's content (over 100 hours!).
  2. Special bonus content for All-Access Pass holders only.
  3. Free ebook from Michael Leahy, Porn Nation: Student Edition.
  4. Proceeds from your purchase go to support BraveHearts and our Summit speaker's ministries.


You can buy your All-Access Pass here.

The All-Access Pass costs are:

  1. Early bird price is $99. Effective Dec. 1 - 13, 2017.
  2. Late registrants is $149. Effective Dec. 14 - 19, 2017.
  3. Summit full price is $199. Effective Dec. 20, 2017 and beyond.


You can buy your All-Access Pass here.

Yes. The All-Access Pass will be available after the Summit ends on Dec. 19, 2017. The cost of the All-Access Pass will be $199.

You can buy your All-Access Pass here.

The Summit's content includes pre-recorded video interviews between Michael Leahy and our experts, audio recordings of the same interviews, and additional multi-media content.

All of the Summit content will be available via BraveHearts University. 

You can buy your All-Access Pass here.


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